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Jen needs many different kinds of volunteers! If you would like to volunteer, please sign up here!

In preparation for the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, Jen needs:


1) Connectors: People who can connect her to potential donors and fundraiser hosts.

2) Canvassers: People willing to knock on doors or hand out information in public spaces. We also need people registering voters who would directly benefit from increased spending on public schools.

3) Fundraiser hosts: The best hosts help curate a guest list and provide a space and refreshments no cost. It is expensive for Jen to travel, and she cannot be away from work and home for long periods of time without good cause, so events should be well-promoted, fun, and effective. 

4) College Campus Representatives: The campaign needs to connect with more young people! We need college students who are willing to promote Jen on their campus in a variety of ways. 

5) Errand-Runners & Administrative Volunteers: When the campaign gets hectic, Jen can use another pair of hands. Jen needs volunteers who are willing to stuff envelopes or record notes during important phone calls, etc (Jen lives in Raleigh).

6) School Liaisons: If you're a parent of an NC student, Jen's team is looking for people to communicate with us about the strengths and weaknesses of individual schools and school systems, from the perspective of families. These people would be in charge of spreading the word about Jen's race to other parents at their children's schools. 

7) Social Media Warriors: We need more people following Jen on social media and reposting important updates and information! We also need people sending us suggestions for our "In the News" section of the website. 

8) Event Committee Members: We have yet to form a successful Event Committee, but we are looking eagerly for highly motivated individuals to help us plan and promote events more effectively. 

9) Creatives: We are looking for photographers, videographers, graphic designers, cartoonists, etc.

10) Teacher Leaders: Jen loves teachers! We need more teachers attending events and helping plan events. We want ALL teachers to know about Jen, and that takes a lot of networking!

11) Community Connectors: Jen needs more connections to ESL and other community groups. Though she can't meet with every community group she would like to, Jen is happy to Skype into group meetings, or send a representative with literature and other information! 

12) Event Extenders: If you know of an important event Jen might want to attend, let us know!

13) Postcard Party Hosts: We have tons of postcards! Invite your friends to send some out and spread the word! If you would like some postcards, just send us an email!

14) Small Event Hosts: We would love someone to host another "Paint the Town Red (For Ed)" Party, Yoga Fundraiser, or some other type of private event. The idea is that you invite a group of friends you believe will donate to Jen's campaign to a planned activity, and the night will be a relaxed setting for discussing public education at length. 

15) Across-the-Aisle Republicans: We need our Republican friends to help spread the word among other Republicans that a strong public education system should be bipartisan!

16) Event Attendees: Stay updated using through Facebook, through our Eventbrite page, through email, or through our Event Calendar

17) Donors & In-Kind Donors: Like a public school, Jen's campaign can only thrive if it is well-funded! Donate here, or feel free to offer up your special services (printing, screen-printing, catering, photography & videography, live music, law services, design & animation) or special supplies (a space where we can display a big banner or host an event, non-perishable food, etc) as an in-kind donation. All donations require official documentation. 


Remember: the BEST thing anyone can do is be an outspoken advocate for this race and for Jen. Educate yourself, and educate others!

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